About Me And This Blog

Hello, and welcome. Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Janice Livingston, I have 2 lovely children and an amazing husband. I have to say, I am a pretty lucky lady to have such a wonderful family. They are the reason why I believe I have a pretty good life. With my three men around, there is always something to look forward too. When I’m not too busy, I usually enjoy reading about the things that fascinate me. However, I didn’t create this blog to ramble on about my hobbies (I already have a separate page for that). For this site, I decided I wanted to dedicate my writing to something more specific. And something more useful and helpful. That’s why I decided to write about something I somewhat know about (And by somewhat, I mean I feel I can speak about the matter based on personal knowledge and experience, and research done to satisfy my own curiosity.), and that’s beauty.

I am proud and confident enough to say that I am beautiful. And I don’t say that in a conceited or arrogant way. I say that in an “I’m proud of my efforts in keeping up with my diets and staying in shape” way. My health is good, I ‘m happy with the way I look, and I feel good about myself. Although some people might think that the strenuous efforts that others may put into looking “beautiful” and the cosmetic procedures that some people might go through may be superficial (which I’ll agree, is sometimes true), they can be valuable factors that can change someone’s life for the better.

Before looking good, it is important to feel good. But sometimes, for some people in order to feel good, they have to be happy with the way they look. And that’s why I created this site. I was one of those kinds of people that was unhappy with my weight and my look. But it didn’t mean I was miserable all the time. And it wasn’t anything like I wanted to look like a celebrity. I just wanted to fit in the nice dress that I bought in Paris, two summers ago.

I feel that everyone has a different definition of beauty. Therefore, I highly suggest that no one should ever conform to a standard where they would be compromising themselves. The thoughts and wrds expressed on my blog are in no way telling anybody they have to do all the things that are recommended. This blog was to inform those that share the same perception of beauty that I have—and that’s through healthy living and exercise and in consideration of unnatural/ unconventional methods, you can either recapture or enhance your beauty.


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