Revitalize Your Look With Rhinoplasty

August 29, 2007 at 5:00 am (beaty, beauty, cosmetics, rhinoplasty)

Before RhinoplastyAfter Rhinoplasty Welcome back everyone. This week I’ll be blogging about the procedure available for enhancing your beautiful face— Rhinoplasty. Everyone knows that the nose is a prominent feature of the face as it can be a main focal point just like the eyes. It can simply make or break a person’s attractiveness. Therefore it might be important to have the right kind of nose that suits you and that gives you confidence about your looks. However, it’s unfortunate that some people end up with unattractive noses as they are either born with it, or the years from aging or physical damages takes its toll. Some of these unattractive characteristics are having a slightly hanging nose with a bump, or a nose with an enlarged tip. But it’s not too late.

With Rhinoplasty, a bump on the nose can be improved or completely removed, and flared nostrils can be made thinner by narrowing the sides closer to the nose. When a prominent nose is made smaller, the nostrils may need to be reduced in size. Crooked and unbalanced noses can be straightened and made more symmetrical. In addition, with Rhinoplasty, people can reshape their nose, and have it reduced or increased overall. However, getting Rhinoplasty done may not always be for cosmetic purposes. It can also improve a birth defect or injury, or help relieve someone that may have breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty is often done under either general or local anesthesia. Incisions are made inside the patient’s nostrils or occasionally on their columella. Once the surgeons separate the tissues from the underlying structures, they restructure the cartilage and bone to achieve the purpose or appearance that the patient wants, whether it’s for cosmetic purposes or for improving breathing.

In terms of the recovery process, after the procedure, the patient may have a splint applied to help maintain their new shape and to protect their nose. Then a nasal split is put on and it usually stays on for about five days. In addition, nasal packing may also be placed inside the nose for support. This will require patients to breathe through their mouth for a couple of days until the packing is taken off. The splint is then usually removed from the patient in less than a week, at the same time the sutures are taken off.

Those that get Rhinoplasty will obviously need to rest in bed for a couple of days with their head elevated. As expected, there will be some discomfort. However, people can treat this discomfort with various medications prescribed by their surgeon. But a cold compress placed over the eyes never hurts. That should help minimize the swelling and bruising that usually subsides in eight to ten days. Unfortunately, you can expect bruising around the eyes in two or three days; but don’t worry. Those marks should slowly fade, as they should disappear within one to two weeks. Also, in some cases, slight swelling may last up to a couple of months. Nonetheless, the results are lasting.

Even though the bruising and swelling might have some people feeling depressed for a while after having the Rhinoplasty done, people should rest assured, that the bruising is a normal stage; as it will eventually pass. As the days go on, the patient’s nose will begin to look better. Often, within a week or two, the patients will no longer look as if they just had their nose job.

The surgery takes about an hour to be completed, and it usually costs around $3,150-$5,200 with an addition of a $500 fee for anesthesia.

Here is an informative and detailed, 3-part video that documents a young lady’s experience with Rhinoplasty. And by the way, it’s not graphic at all.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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