August 3, 2007 at 8:27 pm (beauty, cosmetics, lifestyle lift)

Hello again everybody. In my last entry, I spoke about how you can improve your look through the Lifestyle Lift. But this time, I’ll be talking about other methods for you to make your face smoother and make yourself have a younger face. I hope that this post provides some useful information if you’re thinking about getting some facial work done other than facelifts like the Lifestyle Lift.

Laser Resurfacing

Now since some people can be too skeptical and even a little intimidated by needles and incisions, there is another method that can enhance and recapture the beauty of your face— there is laser resurfacing.

Wrinkles are unwanted and unavoidable aspects of aging. Though they might be a natural function of our bodies’, wrinkles can make people feel unattractive. To treat this, people can renew themselves through a procedure that purely removes wrinkles by laser. This effective procedure is known as laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing operates by exfoliating the top layers of skin, without damaging the lower layers. In addition, laser resurfacing tightens the skin’s collagen fibers, making the skin stronger and more elastic. As suggested by a study from Columbia University, laser resurfacing has proven to be so effective it can make people look up to ten or twenty years younger.

The laser targets the top layers of skin, evaporating water and vaporizing the surface of the skin. This procedure does not affect the lower layers of skin, which grow back softer and with fewer wrinkles. The laser’s heat totally helps the collagen fibers by shortening them. This increases the elasticity of the skin.

There are many different kinds of lasers that are different by wavelength and pulse duration. These variables all affect the depths of skin that the lasers can target, the heat generated, and the effects on the surrounding tissue. The most powerful type of laser for laser resurfacing is the carbon dioxide laser. This kind of laser is used for deeper wrinkles due to its strong, deep reaching ability. However, there is a negative part to this kind of laser. When used over silicone injections, it can cause scarring.

Another kind of laser that is not exactly as strong as the carbon dioxide laser is the Erbium: YAG laser. Although this laser may not be as powerful as the carbon dioxide, it can still provide similar results. However, the Erbium: YAG laser removes wrinkles with minimal effects to surrounding areas, making it capable of targetting tissue more precisely. In addition, the recovery period is also shorter with the Erbium: YAG laser than the carbon dioxide laser.

The least effective type of laser is the NLite. This laser procedure is also known as Photo Rejuvenation. The Photo Rejuvenation procedure works by removing layers of a person’s skin in order to resurface it. What this procedure actually does is that it removes the wrinkle along with its surrounding skin. While, the yellow light of NLite passes right through the skin without damaging. This stimulates a person’s dermis to produce its own natural collagen.

Now that you’ve read these types of laser procedures, I think many of you would agree that laser resurfacing is probably the most effective laser procedure. However, after the procedure, patients may experience inflammation and irritation. Other negative effects can be itchiness, redness, and sensitivity. And those can last up to four months. Through out the recovery period, individuals are required to stay out of the sun. In addition, roughly one percent of patients, infections and scarring may happen. Nevertheless laser resurfacing is the one of the most effective procedures in treating those unwanted wrinkles.


Aside from cosmetic procedures, there is generally little we can do to stop the appearance of lines, wrinkles, spots and all the other unwanted aspects that begin to appear as we age. Fortunately, I found a list of ways you can take years off your face. And the source is credible. Follow makeup artist, Victoria Edwards’ tips below, on how to conceal your signs of aging and how to enhance your natural beauty.

1. Use automatic tanning creams (such as Clarins) rather than sunbathing or sun-beds.

2. Mind your eyebrows. Try dyeing your them and your eyelashes. It’s best to ask a friend to help or visit a salon. Also, pluck away any unruly eyebrow hair with the help of a magnifying mirror. To keep them in shape all day, try running some clear hair-gel or clear mascara through them.

3. Bleach or wax away unwanted facial hair and pluck out any long hairs from your chin, or consider electrolysis.

4. Always use a good moisturiser every day after cleansing – make sure it is compatible with your skin type, the cheaper brands are sometimes better than the expensive ones. Always protect your face from the sun with a sun cream of minimum factor 30.

5. Try hydrating your skin by smothering your face with petroleum jelly and leave for 10 minutes. Tissue-off and see how soft your skin feels!

6. For concealing laughter lines and crow’s feet around the eyes, invest in a lotion which tightens the skin as it dries. These lotions are generally available through most department stores.

7. Lines can also be concealed by using a white nail pencil— draw a thin line right inside the furrow or wrinkle, especially those which appear from the nose to the corners of the mouth and those between the eyebrows. Apply your foundation over the top as usual.

8. Use a highlighting fluid or a concealer stick on dark circles around the eyes. Try to avoid cream or stick foundation around the eyes as this will gather in the furrows! Liquid foundations work best here, try to avoid using powder.

9. Blusher should be applied sparingly; it is better to have a healthy glow from a tanning cream than to apply too much blush, which will look false and out of date. Try using a cream blush or even a lipstick for a more natural look.

10. Use more natural shades of lipstick. It is easier to apply the lipstick after you have filled-in your lips with pencil to prevent ‘bleeding’. Be sure to use a sharp pencil that is the same color as the lipstick, or else in the end of the day you will be left with a dark pencil outline.


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